Welcome to Nexus!

We are a family-oriented Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and martial-arts academy in Coburg.
BJJ is an energetic, inclusive, and practical sport that children love to play. We offer kid’s training and classes that cater for girls and boys from ages as young as 4 years and older.
Kids approach BJJ like structured play – but it teaches invaluable lessons about how to develop their bodies and minds to defend themselves using technique and position, rather than strength and aggression.
This personal development overcomes fear and builds self-esteem, thereby reducing the likelihood of physical confrontation ever even happening.
To us, this is what winning looks like.

BJJ coach awarding stripe to child

We believe Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a force for good. It builds confident and resilient young people who can calmly assess pressure situations, and act appropriately to a threat when required for self-defence.

Group of kids training BJJ martial arts


All our kids class instructors and coaches are experienced BJJ practitioners who love to teach children. They are local parents with young kids of their own and hold current Victorian Working with Children Checks.
These coaches are assisted by members of our youth squad to help the children connect with younger role models who have benefited from applying themselves to this rewarding martial art.
Classes are conducted in our large modern training facility, with a focus on learning in a fun and safe environment.

We run kid’s BJJ classes Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday if you would like to see a session. You are also welcome to come and view the centre any time we’re open – see our class timetable page for opening times.


We are often asked by parents if BJJ will help their children fight against bullies. Our response is that BJJ builds character which stops most of the bullying and reduces the chances of ever having to fight in the first place.
If a situation turns physical however, our BJJ kids are absolutely developing skills to handle this. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a cornerstone martial art of every professional Mixed Martial Art fighter in the world for a reason – it works incredibly well.
Group of kids training BJJ martial arts
Kids training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu


The lessons your children learn here go beyond the mat and boost performance in all areas of their lives – from the sporting field to the classroom and later into adulthood.
Together with self-defence, our program works to develop:

  • Resilience and confidence
  • Coordination, balance and body awareness
  • Strength and flexibility
  • Self-control in pressure situations
  • Confidence, self-esteem and leadership
  • Focus and concentration
  • Respect for others in a co-operative environment
In every class they do, the kids experience the undeniable success of practised skills and strategies triumphing over simple aggression and force. Like learning to play music, we see this simple example of work = success as a key lesson in character development for children.
Plus, there are regular gradings and advancements that recognise effort and skill acquisition to keep kids engaged.


We love that Coburg, Pascoe Vale, Reservoir, Brunswick, Glenroy, Hadfield, Fawkner and the surrounding northern Melbourne suburbs are a culturally diverse area. We have members from all sorts of backgrounds and cultures – all getting on the mat and learning together. 
We are proud of the culture that has developed in the academy, and insist every student understands and adheres to our Code of Conduct.
Group of kids training BJJ martial arts
  • Honour: I will endeavour to uphold a strong moral character and ethical principles.
  • Integrity: I will act and behave in accordance with these training values both inside and outside the academy.
  • Respect: I will exhibit respect for my fellow students regardless of age, physical ability, gender, nationality, or religion.
  • Self-control: I will strive to understand the consequences of my actions, and use every resource to promote peaceful outcomes at all times.
  • Character: I will strive to attain my goal through hard work and the development of my character.
  • Self-discipline: I understand that Jiu Jitsu techniques are for self-defence purposes only and must never be used inappropriately in the schoolyard, at work or at home.
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